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Game Developer Visit

A school visit by a game developer is a great way to inspire
coding, creativity and critical thinking skills

My name is Luke. I am a former teacher turned computer programmer.
I write stories, make games and run my own coding school.

FREE Back to School Workshops

for September and October 2018

What's on offer?

Below are some suggested activities but if you have any particuar requests, just ask!



A good way to introduce the principles of game design to a large number of students.

An interactive session where students get to construct their own game and publish it to the web!


Class workshop

A chance for a more in-depth exploration of what makes a fun game.

Students will build and play-test games in small groups using tools appropriate for their level.
Workshops can be tailored for complete beginners or for those who already know some coding.


Staff training

Training sessions are designed to cater for the needs of your teachers and school.

Highly practical activities that can be used straight away in the classroom using freely available software.

Half Day 

£  55
  • for example
  • Assembly followed by 1  or 2 class workshops          

Full Day

£  95
  • for example
  • Assembly followed by workshops for the rest of the day

Full Day + After School

£  125
  • for example
  • Full day at school followed by staff training session 

Story telling is an essential part of game design too.

SwopBots: The Deleted Truth is a science fiction story for children aged 8+ that shows the usefulness of coding, engineering and problem solving skills.


After a terrible disaster, two children, Loop and Switch, find themselves stranded on a mining planet far from Earth.
Switch is a genius computer programmer, Loop has robotic legs and can run and leap faster than any human in history. Their only companions are the SwopBots, three robots who can swap body parts to overcome any problem they might face.
Together they must confront the terible secret lurking beneath the planet’s surface and somehow, find a way back to Earth.

A bit about me

I've worked as a teacher in the UK, Austria, USA, China and Bangladesh. Since 2011, I have been running CAFFE, a computer school for underpriviligd young people in Bangladesh.

Here are a few of the activities we have been involved in :


Want to know more? Send me a message and I will get in touch. 

So why code anyway?


Global appeal

The video game industry is massive. Globally, it is worth in excess of £80 billion. The UK alone spends over £5 billion per year on games, making it the 5th largest video games market in the world.


Skills for life

Designing and coding computer games is a creative process that develops transferable skills such as story telling, critical thinking and problem solving.
It's not only for those that might want a job in the industry.


Women in STEM

In 2017, just 9.8% of students taking A-Level computing were female. No-one wants to force someone into studying a subject but we can at least make sure everyone has a chance to try out the options available to them.


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