SwopBots introduces young children to the world of computer science using stories and games. The SwopBots story features a brother a sister who use coding and engineering to overcome all kinds of problems. By featuring both male and female characters in leading roles, SwopBots aims to provide positive role models to boys and girls.

SwopBots Coding Adventure

A game that teaches coding, problem solving and creativity

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SwopBots - Coding Adventure

What does SwopBots offer?

Learn basic coding

SwopBots uses a familiar block based coding system. Simply drag blocks together to build code characters and other objects within the game.

Use code to solve puzzles

Coding is used to solve puzzles within the game. Actions such as opening doors, getting past obstacles and controling robots all require code to be used.

Fun gameplay

SwopBots combines traditional platform game elements with learning to code. Jump from platform to platform, collect crystals and avoid falling off the planet!

Inbuilt tutorials to guide children at their own pace

Whenever a new code block is collected, children are given a step by step tutorial to show them how to use that block.

Benefits of SwopBots Coding Adventure

SwopBots - The Story

Read about the adventures of Loop and Switch

After a terrible disaster, two children, Loop and Switch, find themselves stranded on a mining planet far from Earth. Switch is a genius computer programmer, Loop has robotic legs and can run and leap faster than any human in history. Their only companions are the SwopBots, three robots who can swap body parts to overcome any problem they might face.

Together they must confront the terrible secret lurking beneath the planet’s surface and somehow, find a way to fix their broken spaceship and return to Earth.

Suitable for children aged 8+ (188 pages)

Encourage Reading Skills

SwopBots is not only an educational game; it’s also a science fiction story for children aged 8+. Follow the adventures of Loop and Switch as they use coding and engineering skills to face the dangers lurking beneath the planet’s surface. Written to encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills with a strong emphasis on providing positive role models to both boys and girls


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